Author Topic: #2 Cause Of No Start -N- Electrical Whack ~ Motronic Jetronic Connection  (Read 3394 times)

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thats right... other than the battery and grounds... this is #2...

unplug it... spray some electrical cleaner in there... toothbrush it real good... spray some more electrical cleaner in there... apply d5 and f4 deoxit... hardware store dielectric grease is prohibited... go getts you some yeeeeehaaaaa...

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Johnny....Thanks for all of the time and effort you put into this site! 
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Been there. The big contributing issue is the way that's mounted. The pilots Pegs, battery tray and the ECM are on rubber mounts on top of the transmission the 1100's so you don't gets the buzzy feets. As you shift weight on the pegs is moves the ECM and the stiff harness is zip tied to the frame.
When mine would start to die taking off I could rock side to side on the pegs and get it to run.

The fact that some jackhole before I owned it left the heavy ground lug off the starter and it back fed through the ECM and the ABS ECM (toast and removed now) to get ground didn't help either.

Wraping a big zip tie around the ECM over the Plug seemed to fix it for me.
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