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FS WTB WTT ~ Bikes ~ Parts ~ Gear / Re: WTB K75 K1100
« Last post by Bon Jon Bovi on Today at 10:30:38 AM »
Beemuker, My 93 S is listed on Cycletrader, but I'm about 1400 miles from you in old New Mexico. And I thought that might have been your former Dakar for sale in Tally Town. I grew up there, have family there so always checking their CL bikes out. That's how I picked up a lightly used R1200GS there last July. I drove down and picked it up, got to visit family at the same time.
I don't even think about the blinkers until I ride something else, then usually wind up honking the horn instead of signaling.  ANOTHER "85 FYK pops up,  36 years and still making converts!
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: '92 K75 Fuel Cap O-Ring Size
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 09:57:28 AM »
Thanks for the update. It still isn't clear to me why that screw is there in your moto. The screws you've indicated attach the flapper assembly to the cap assembly. The collar onto which the cap assembly mounts is brazed onto the tank.

Part 07119918519 in its natural habitat.

Here's a photo of the inside of a late model tank. There are no screws fastened into the interior side of that collar.
Yeah those paddley switches are a change for sure
 icon_cheers Don't worry about those blinker paddles.  In a few hundred miles they'll be second nature along with not reaching for 6th gear.  When you get there, you'll know you're a real bricker.
Well simple as a 2” foam riser on my seat ive regained my ability of control and handlebar fitment blah bah.......after 30 years and 10+ bikes youd be thinking “what a stoop obvious... duh” first bmw product used...fantastic machine...BUT....those left/right bar blinkers....having a hard time amazed at how SMOOTH that gearbox shifts!! The bmw is definitely a different animal but im thinking i am married for life here....(🤓)
The MBdotCOM Community Center / Re: 04/14/21 Snow In The Chee
« Last post by Blue85 on Today at 05:27:04 AM »
“Thank you sir... may i have another”????
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: '92 K75 Fuel Cap O-Ring Size
« Last post by bdogchicago on Today at 01:41:55 AM »
Note: I found the details regarding the screws holding the filler cap receiver on the tank; e.g. the ones inside the tank. They're self tapping screws, M4X8, part number 07119918519.
Project Classic Motobricks / Re: 1999 K1200LT resto
« Last post by The Mighty Gryphon on April 15, 2021, 09:22:26 PM »
Every summer the K1200LT's come out on Craig's List like dandelions in my lawn.  They are priced not much higher than a nice K1100 despite not having accumulated many miles.  Judging from the photos, they stay on the market year after year.

I saw one a few years ago in a local BMW specialist's shop with it's fairing off.  I was shocked at how much wire and stuff they hung on that bike!  The whole bike looked like under the tank on a K bike.  It didn't look all that user friendly from a service point of view. 
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: K75 Engine noise
« Last post by bgcameron on April 15, 2021, 08:56:14 PM »
Tried but it wouldn't click up any further. I showed the video to the local expert at the bmw dealer and he said its normal. You're right Leitch, I am doomed to ride it! I will update you guys if I make any progress.
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