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K75s midlife refresh

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Marshall really a thorough job, you have done yourself proud, and well documented. I use a home made vacuum bleeder, it is on the forum but you can buy them. As far as the lift table goes I couldn't agree more. I just finished building my own version really makes life easy, don't know how I did without it. You will definitely benefit with one, or your back & knees will. Nice bike great colour.
Keep up the good work Martin.

Fantastic. That bike looked good to start with, but you're getting it close to factory-fresh.

Great thread, thanks for taking the time!

Serious garage envy going on here. I have no garage in which to work on the bike, let alone a spacious, well-ordered place like yours. Thanks for documenting your work so well, it really helps to demystify jobs when people do that.

luv the 2002.  1974?


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