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OEM Shock Rebuild

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My center and side stand look gross.

As with the shock swap, not wanting to disable the bike, (powder coat shop has 3 week turnaround) I purchased a complete center/side stand assembly from another 2003 K1200RS for $39 delivered and gave it to the powder coat shop for a 60% semi gloss black refinish.


All four foot pegs came off and were cleaned, lubed, re-finished in silver lacquer and installed with new BMW rubber inserts 
Now they "snick" up and down smoothly and feel much better under foot.

Opening the gas cap reveals a nasty mess. The previous owners must have been, well, I'll leave it to your imagination.

Not wanting to dig too deep into the fuel cell cover at this time I cleaned it out with Stoddard solvent and a ScotchBrite pad

when I have had the opportunity to spray laquer, the results have been lovely like yours.  My big faux pas this winter has been in not getting the shop sufficiently warm for spraying....had to redo a few.  If the fuel cap is that yucky perhaps its worth your effort to flush the interior? Ive been amazed at how beautiful the interior of an aluminum fuel tank can become. 

Primarily, my observation is that with sufficient sweat investment the cost of doing things right such as the rear shock becomes less significant and no more than a talking point here. In the end you are the only valid judge of quality etc.  Are you still enjoying the process? I am, though this winter I probably over did.. Its April and I still have a clutch project waiting in the wings. 

my attached pic is not my own, just a reminder of how freaking cool MY project will appear soon!


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