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OEM Shock Rebuild

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I'm "de-molesting"  (removing accessories and returning to stock factory BMW configuration) and mildly re-furbishing (a combination of maintenance and cosmetic) my 51,000 mile 2003 K1200RS and making a real effort to control the spending. 
I did something that I have seen several posters on various K Bike forums recommend NOT to do. I had the OEM Showa shocks re-built.

I had a pair of OEM shocks that were removed from another K1200RS at 11,400 miles delivered to me for $161 and I shipped them to EPM Performance for $35.
EPM did a shock rebuild service and replaced the rubber bushings/bump stops and hose. Returned to me for $697. So that was $893 total. If there are any future re-builds they won't cost as much since the initial machining has been performed to make them re-buildable. The only other option at that price point was a pair of YSS shocks from the Beemer Shop.

Now I need to swap out the re-builds for my worn shocks. I'm not a high milage/long trip rider and I removed all the luggage and mounts that came on my bike and I don't carry a passenger so I consider this a viable option for my usage. And I'm apparently starting to become OCD about returning it to BMW factory OEM condition and this served to help calm my ongoing mental affliction.

From my perch:

"South of heaven" as you avatar states, on a k1200, will be a lot smoother next time.  I didn't sense a question there so as others here often say:   :welcome to the asylum.  It's just not inexpensive to do this well sometimes.  Just get out there and amortize out that cost with thousands of miles of bumpy roads.  Cheers.


Gorgeous bike and oh yeah a rebuilt shock, right whatever.   Feel like Im staring at a woman with implants😁

Lol, thanks Rcgreaves
This bike had 3 previous owners and I passed on some other K1200RS's that had lower milage and a lower price and had better cosmetics because this bike had an extensive collection of maintenance invoices. Every other K1200RS ad I responded to could only show me receipts for oil and filter changes. I don't consider that to be "maintenance".
I've removed and discarded a lot of unwanted stuff (lost a lot of weight off the bike) that the 3 previous owners had installed. BMW mounts and saddlebags, a heavy, loose fitting Sargent seat, a Givi rear rack and mounts and Givi tail case, a super tall, hideously curved windscreen that was festooned with adjustable wings, a big steel plate foot JB Weld attached to the side stand, bar backs, crudely wired power points and mounts on the handle bars, cheesy looking "trim rings" on all the instruments.
I found a Duplicolor Lacquer that is a perfect match for the BMW silver trim and filled and sanded and re-painted scratches/gouges on the windscreen mount fairings and the buggered up rear grab rail from the probably improperly installed Givi rear luggage. I had the rear brake pedal sandblasted (it was corroding underneath the factory finish) and powder coated matching silver. Removed all the clear turn signal lenses and amber bulbs and replaced with OEM amber lenses and clear bulbs. Some PO had stripped the rear fender and drilled holes to mount the license plate. I filled the holes with Marine Epoxy sanded and blacked and installed OEM license plate mount and internal adjustable fender extender, etc, etc.
One of the previous owners had a bizarre fetish of grossly over tightening any and all external fasteners within easy reach and using Kroil and a heat gun I replaced a couple dozen fasteners that were buggered up from this disgusting practice.


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