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I'm a longtime airhead guy. Sold my last R75/6 a couple years ago. Now I'm looking for a new project and since I've always admired K100RSs, I started looking. I looked at a decent 85 model, asking $1600. 60k miles and the owner allegedly bought it with 6k on it in 87 and has ridden and maintained it ever since. A plus to have that kind of history.  I might be able to get it a hunnert or so cheaper since he's moving.
He's got the typical upgrades - koni shock, luftmeister exhaust, progressive springs. And it has some typical problems - non working gages, leaky fuel tank, spongy brakes, dead battery. But overall the bike seems in good shape gor the year and mileage.
I would hope to tinker with it over the winter and have a decent rideable "classic" brick in the spring.
So is this an ok investment? Not looking to sell at a profit  but it would nice to know that is has some value when done.

Just me but I wouldn't buy a K with a leaking tank unless I knew of a GOOD aluminum welder.  Ks that sit often leak at the tank seams of the lower corners so finding a good used one can be difficult unless you get lucky.  Also 85s have a different tank than 86+ which could make finding a good used tank even more challenging.

Ride a K75 before you buy a K100.  They're both great bikes but the K75, as a triple, has a much smoother engine. They have less power, 75 hp vs. 90 hp of a K100, but IMO are a better ride.  I wouldn't get a K75 for 2-up riding though.

JM02 (I have six K75s but only 1 K100 which tells you what my bias is.)

Thanx for the caveat. I've patched leaky tanks in the past using Caswells. I though I could do the same with this one.


--- Quote from: Swampyankee on October 23, 2022, 05:06:05 PM ---Thanx for the caveat. I've patched leaky tanks in the past using Caswells. I though I could do the same with this one.

--- End quote ---

Caswell tank epoxy or Caswell aluminum brazing rod?

I actually do know a very good welder. I work in the tool and die industry so I have alot of technical resources. Which is why I didn't think the leaky tank was a deal breaker. But I also didn't know the 85 tank was unique so thanx for that.


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