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Restoration: 1995 K1100RS for under a grand?

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 I disagree with Scott.  You do not need to remove the abs controller to get the tranny out..... EZ to do with it in.  I just did this a few months ago. 

If you don't know how old the brake fluid is, replace before riding.

 So today I was up early and took the 1100 for a second spin around the area to remind myself of its problems .   

Back at the ranch itís dripping lubricant in the correct telltale locations.   But all things being equal I see a huge upside potential with this project.  Engine/tranny feel strong.

 So today I removed all the fairing coachwovrk, foot pegs, seat and the rear cowl. With the seat off I recognized the similarity to my K75 and found that my immaculate K75S sports seat drops right in -what a gorgeous substitute for the tired seat I removed.   Mounts the same too??

Well,I didnít reference a service manual for removing the fairing -itís all pretty familiar given I ride a K75S.   
My big faux pas of the day though was that I had the whole fairing in my hand before disconnecting the turn indicators.  🤔😓🤐Why on earth would they not have quick disconnects on the turn indicators?  With everybody still in bed and no third hand available:  my bike will get quick disconnects- a side cutters was in reach - I cut them free .   

The previous owner put a lot of torx style bolts on the fairing.  They work well but I think Iíll go find hex heads instead.  Did find one straight blade bolt not holding the rear mudguard ďseriouslyĒ!!  That was good for a nice laugh, then I threw that hardware in the garbage can.  In the 21st century straight blade and even Phillips screws should both be obsolete IMHO.

 I took a few minutes to do a fairing sculpture installation on the wall of my garage and then brought the bike indoors to stage for surgery...

I removed the foot pegs and then I was feeling the heat of the summer afternoon .  Time to wrap up.

 My preferred sawhorse set up for spline work-next-has been turned into a worktable base, so I will have to fabricate some for sort of sawhorse or tripod base support for the frame .   

The most significant damage on the bike is road rash on the lower side fairings.  Iím thinking I will restore these areas with polyester resin body filler and then repaint these areas black rather than re-shooting the whole component.   I need to research the proper bonding additive for my polyester filler.

I went to a lot of effort to make a non-standard battery work last month- today it looks as my brother used to say ďhokeyĒ- like an owner willing to use straight blade hardware😑and since I have to take it out now, I think I will return that one to Walmart and mail order the less costly Amazon Wesco thatís designed for this bike.  Anyway it will probably be winter the next time I twist the key. 

It sounds like I can dig into the bowels of this power train without monkeying with the ABS brain etc.  I owe Marshall a call back to talk through next steps.  Iíve never rebuilt Front struts that will be new and   challenging.  Question: What make is my fancy looking gold rear strut?  Is it serviceable?  Are my rotors oem or maybe EBC?  Fancy cross drilling😁...Hopefully the center stand fixtures are not stripped out.  Does this have the same fuel pump rubber damper issues of my K75?  Might as well inspect, swap out filter at minimum.  Fun so far-Cheers.

I'm sure your wife will be happy if you can keep the build within budget. My wife always expects the debt ceiling to rise when I'm quietly searching fleaBay in the living room.

What's the toggle switch above the shock remote reservoir? Manual Kill? Ejector seat? Keurig dispenser?


--- Quote from: Rcgreaves on August 05, 2019, 10:12:43 AM ---Didnít note but WTB a side cover preferably in the matching red without the customized , read broken -mounting clip.

--- End quote ---
If you're referring to the rear/front posts, query MaxBMW because currently the #4 entry in their Frame, Fairing, Cases section for the K1100 is incorrect. It depicts a fuel hose which is not part of a body panel assembly. Max likely has a stock of some of these small parts.

Laitch the attach post I believe is cast into the triangular side cover- the bit I show wrapped copiously with a rubber band. I imagine the mount was crunched in a tip over.  But ye, for you... Iíll head over to Max... make sure I have my facts right.  Between work and school I click over 90 miles a day on my K75.  Almost daily I find myself stumbling along and I realize ď hey I have a cycle to ride homeĒ!  And the balance of the day just goes better.  Cheers


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