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Some days trolling Craigslist go better than others.

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point taken on the wear points for the bobbins.  I might not have my facts straight on the materials.  Johnny has been running these a few years- Yo Audiology man, you out there?   Reviews at Motobins were positive....NTL, stainless is harder than aluminum... Pray 

Gryph thanks ever so kindly for scouting that edging.  I want to verify the diameter of the trashed components as I think the diameter of the foam insulator tube is bigger on the worn out edging.... I'd hate to drop that much money and discover it doesn't touch the fuel tank.  Then again the red paint is rubbed off from this current OEM stuff so perhaps a smaller diameter that DOESN't ride against the fuel tank would be better.... :idunno: 

Also: I have a K1 runner stashed that will come apart in February for my third K will probably require something similar...

In my day job...errrr.....early morning and late afternoon job I drive a school bus....the company is owned by an auto body shop.  At tonight's holiday feast I'll bring along pics and sizing and talk to the part's guy about what they stock.  If I can supply extra Gryph,  I will.  Cheers.

You selected very well Gryph, the specs match up.  I'll be in touch after I sleep off the party.  Cheers.

The Mighty Gryphon:
Lucky guess on my part.  You might try looking for a smaller quantity to get a lower price.  I saw it on some U.K. websites for about 10 bucks a meter. 

I would think you could start a thread here to sell some to the inmates.  MaxBMW shows it as NLA on the parts lists and I know that I've had to replace a bunch of it on my bikes. 

gotcha....I'll research a wholesale buy tonight.


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