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Some days trolling Craigslist go better than others.

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Updated with image Monday.  Hack is under construction.  See the side car forum for that.

.Sold! Craigslist post deleted so Ill post drool inducing pics later $515 !!!

 Needs a main shaft seal and battery. red 84k luggage tank bag tool kit Pilot radials.  Special tool for input shaft seal?  Ill search the asylum for threads.  Why is there a toggle switch down next to the rear shock? Fan over ride??

Needs a battery before I can run it.  Bought the wrong size!🤐😨🙄

What a steal! Congratulations! Start a thread!

That guy didn't know what he had or just wanted it gone.  Looks like a great find!

Holy crap, for that price even I would have bought it.....
I'd bet on the clutch nut o-ring being bad. Very common now at that age.

The posting is gone already - what was he asking?


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