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Quick fix, circuit breaker, save your brick from burning.

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Good idea,  I should probably do that too one day,  but since the circuit breaker was my main goal,  I left the battery to starter relay wire untouched since the circuit breaker wants to be about 40 Amps.

I was never worried about the starter relay problem until I got my K75 which suffered from it. From then on I kept my steel fixers insulated snips in the glove box, which makes me even more worried.

Thanks this is cool.

Would you please post a link to the breaker you bought?

Mine did this twice. 

I disassembled and cleaned the start button and hasn't happened since.  But, I still think about it EVERY time.

Peace of mind is a good thing.

I don't even remember which supplier I clicked on,  there were so many options. Try eBay, type in 40 Amp  circuit breaker, choose the automotive option, and you should get many options nearby.

I usually prefer a shop. Although I'm happy with this circuit breaker, it doesn't even have a brand name. I would happily pay a bit extra for at least a name,  this one was $23. I'm not much worried though, if it fails I'll simply bolt the wires together. On the top is written waterproof, on the bottom is 40 Amps,  and ignition protected.

Have you tested it?  The current rating of the breaker is not necessarily the value at which it trips due to fault current.  There are difference trip characteristics for circuit breakers and you'd have to be certain that the characteristic you chose will trip at the right current and in sufficient time to protect what it is you are trying to protect.  Which brings me to the question - what exactly are you trying to protect -  the wiring or the componentry?  Did you consider using a polyfuse (aka. battery strap) instead of a breaker?

I fitted a battery isolator switch after having the relay jam three times. The first time it happened the side of the battery blew out. See,8995.msg70926.html#msg70926
Regards Martin.


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