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Quick fix, circuit breaker, save your brick from burning.

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The Mighty Gryphon:
They are soldered on to the cable.  I made a new negative battery cable using very flexible, tinned marine battery cable.  Crimped ring connectors at the ends, and a little extra slack in the cable to make it easier to reach the disconnect in an emergency.  Bike runs great with the new cable.


--- Quote from: daveson on July 04, 2020, 05:54:21 AM ---Finally fitted a battery kill switch. The green circular knob at the bottom, it can be unscrewed and removed for anti theft, or just screwed out to disconnect (I moved the cigarette lighter for the photo)

--- End quote ---

I use these, well-made and at a very low cost:

To save my ass in a legal sence, I should add that this modification means that the headlight cuts out when the circuit breaker trips,  another way would be to tap in after the load shed relay before fuse 7, rather than before the load shed relay. I probably won't make the change on my brick though.


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