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K75s Midlife Refresh V2.0

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Very cool

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 :2thumbup: Marshal's K75 rescue service. You need to put a flat cargo chair on one for emergency rescues.
Regards Martin.

Great project, thanks for sharing.  :2thumbup:

Picked up my K75S near Richmond with a bad ABS brain and had Tosi repair it.  Works great ever since.

I'm looking for another K75S, possibly a rescue within driving distance to add to the stable, the riding position is near-perfect for me.  So if you come across another great find you don't want drop me a PM.

Those critter hideouts are pretty nasty but it looks like you found a solid brick to resurrect

Thanks for sharing your process and critter stashes.  Looks to be a darned good bike that needed to be back on the road.



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