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K75s Midlife Refresh V2.0

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I told myself i would not do this.  the 92 K75s on Clist was impossible NOT to buy.  it had been sitting outside for well over a year.  it did not run.  it was filthy.  the tires were flat.  i brought it home anyway.

didn't know what i would do with it.  i already have a 94 that is identical.  (see K75s midlife refresh thread)  parts bike?  get it started, clean it up and flip it?  resell as is?  last thing i thought was to do full refresh and keep it.

oh it up has turned into major scope creep.  i posted a few times about the bike, but since it is getting more involved, it may as well have its own thread.

the bike is a 92. at some point in its life it was well cared for.  decent maint, progressive springs in front and progressive 465 adjustable shock in rear. corbin seat.  side cases.  decent original paint.

but...PO bought it to replace a moped.  promptly dropped it on right side in first week of ownership and parked it outside.  squirrels, mice and ants made a condo out of it.  tires rotted. battery died.  i decided to save it.

right side lower fairing cracked

first order of business, basic cleaning to see what i had.

upper fairing also light damage

starting to clean up ok

and then took lower fairing off.
the start of the acorn stash..

inside of tank looked ok as i was pumping the old gas out of it.

went to replace the battery with spare one i had..more acorns..

new battery started right up and idled perfectly.  hmm, might not be so bad!

parked it next to K75s midlife refresh V 1.0

pulled FD and driveshaft...splines not horrible for 62k miles.

pulled tank....found both large connector housings FULL of ants.  everywhere.   did full cleaning of all the wires and connectors...after generous use of RAID and spray.

no pics, but changed fork oil.  there was only 200cc's in them. and it was dark brown.  410cc of honda 10w in there now.

flushed brake fluid front and rear.  replace rear brake pads which were worn to the backing plates.


--- Quote from: mlytle on July 03, 2017, 10:10:42 PM ---pulled tank....found both large connector housings FULL of ants.  everywhere.   

--- End quote ---
Attracted by the sugar in the decomposing acorn nutmeat, they found a nest out of the weather with an easy commute.  :2thumbup:

next trouble shot the ABS system.  not left side abs light on dash.  found ABS module unplugged in rear cowl.  followed ABS tests from the sensors and modulators checked out fine.  took cluster apart to find....a PO had removed the bulb from the ABS dash light.  took the bulb from the "fast idle" light and moved it to ABS location.  reassembled the cluster.  ABS light works...and confirmed the ABS module is toast.  that is why PO had pulled the bulb and disconnect the module....

while in there...pulled the headlight bulb, sprayed a bunch of windex inside the H4 housing, sloshed around, stuffed papertowel in there and wiped it around with poker.  removed....lens MUCH cleaner.

and since i had all the tupperware off the bike..i saw more ants under the airbox.  decided to pull it to see where they were hiding.....YIKES!

mouse house under airbox behind TB's....

cleaned that all out.  and the airbox.  and replaced all the fuel lines and the pressure regulator vacuum line.  they were all original.  for those who think they last forever...THINK AGAIN!  all the hoses had cracks at the ends and the original clamps were loose because the hoses had dried out.  the vacuum line basically disintegrated in my hands.

really do not like the "naked" look.  can't wait to get all the proper "S" tupperware back on it.  still have some maint to do before i get there....story will continue....


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