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Project Classic Motobricks / Re: taller windscreen, less wind noise
« Last post by stokester on Today at 09:01:41 AM »

My question is why are most respondents in this thread continuing to copy the photo of the blue K-bike into their posts when it's the only photo in the entire thread?
In my case I used the reply rather than quote selection and did not expect the pic to copy.

Welcome To Motobrick.Com / Re: First K Bike for Me in Louisville, KY
« Last post by BryanD on Today at 07:54:11 AM »
Wow, thanks for that info, Scott.  I have learned so much just from doing my introduction.  I would like to wait till winter to do the splines, but the temps are so hot and muggy now, that I can't hardly stand being geared up in true, safe riding apparel.  Maybe I'd best do it all now and save my best rides for fall. 
Welcome To Motobrick.Com / Re: First K Bike for Me in Louisville, KY
« Last post by Scott_ on Today at 07:36:17 AM »
On the 1100's the transmission splines are a harder material than on the older bikes so they hold up better and can go longer before needing lubricated.
However--- having said that, when you have the transmission out for the clutch nut o-ring(unless a previous owner has done it) replacement(not if-but when), it would make for a good time for spline lube on assembly. The most troubling issue I had with my 97LT, was trying to leave the ABS system connected and working around it. By the time I did my '95LT I determined it was way easier to remove the ABS modulator, have it out of the way and the work went way quicker even with having to fill and bleed the brakes.

Fork seals could be as simple as some bug guts caught in the seal lip, can be cleaned out and without fork dis-assembly. Fork gaiters are your friend when you do get the leak corrected. If you do end up replacing the seals, don't waste your time/money on cheap knock-offs, they won't work. Stick with BMW fork seals.

Plenty of information here, the search box is your friend.
sorry but . . .
Why choose to lead a life of apology, or expend a morsel of gifted invective here? Direct it all at the tsunami of corporate evil that's making shmucks of everybody with 30-year old parts that wear out.

Wisecracking at scouring and wisecracking might be a Sisyphean fate and a waste of precious talent.
Welcome To Motobrick.Com / Re: First K Bike for Me in Louisville, KY
« Last post by Martin on Today at 04:05:13 AM »
Welcome to the asylum from OZ.
Regards Martin.
Welcome To Motobrick.Com / Re: First K Bike for Me in Louisville, KY
« Last post by BryanD on Today at 03:40:26 AM »
Thanks again!   :2thumbup:
Wait! I had to edit this post because you already live in California. 

When it comes to law and statutes, we all need to live in the present, if we can.

Secondary owners should research what they're buying. That goes for purchasers of antique Corvairs too. As far as the poor shmucks classification goes, you can have that honor all to yourself if you want it. :giggles
Live in the present?  thats a good one coming from someone who is the Quintessential Motobricker prick!  Duh,,, how old is your bike???

sorry but you are a poor schmuck if you spend most of your time scouring the blog boards for old bmw brick models commentary and wisecracking.    Did I mention it was ancient?  therefore you=schmuck!
Photographic Ride Reports / Re: The Palouse of Eastern Washington
« Last post by milq on Today at 02:24:14 AM »
Absolutely stunning bike!
I am currently looking for the exact same thing.  Did you get more offers than you needed?  Or some specifically from the Seattle/Tacoma/Portland area?
Interested.  Where in In are you?  Just over the Ohio River on the south side in Louisville.

We are in Greenfield, Indiana.  20 miles east of Indianapolis.  Straight shot up I-65 from Louisville then jog onto I-70 east just a bit.  3 hours if you take your time!
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