Author Topic: Re: The Original Taintilator Seat ~ If Your Taint Aints Right... You Is Whack  (Read 14045 times)

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setting up the room for the board of directors meeting in cheezconsin usa...

if your taint aints right... you is whack...

more later...

j o

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Like... How much later?
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Idk what happened to this thread but my taintilator upgrade has served me well. 
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Like herseyb, I'm a taintilatorite of the purest ray serene and I'll only give it up when you pry it from my cold dead buttocks.
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You gots to have the Ruzzle Day Long for maximum taint comfort.

Once I had a Collie pup. Dug a hole and covered him up. Now I sit there by the hour. Waiting for a Collie-flower.
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Ahhh, the Ruzzle Daylong taint bliss.  Only down side is that it makes it tough for old farts to swing a leg over and reach the ground when stopped.  Been there and gots the t-shirt and the shots.
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