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Project Classic Motobricks / Re: 1986 K75 Project
« Last post by Gumbo on Today at 03:15:55 PM »
Project Classic Motobricks / Re: 1986 K75 Project
« Last post by Gumbo on Today at 03:15:35 PM »
  Had time off from work today and went back to the drawing board on both front turn Signal lights..
  The ones I purchased from flea bay Never Looked Right to Me. Anyway I was able to install the Original Signal lights, I just turned them upside down and swappe sides and they lined up perfectly, I just need to get some Large rubber washers and seal the ends..   :bmwsmile
Project Classic Motobricks / Re: 1985 K100RS Renovation
« Last post by propav8r on Today at 11:15:14 AM »
The first batch of parts came out of paint the other day...

Repair Guidance / Re: Tire recommendations
« Last post by beemuker on Today at 11:01:48 AM »
Have you checked with your local BMW motorcycle club to see if anyone has a tire changer? 

I have a No-Mar tire changer and a Marc Parnes [size=78%][/size] balancer kit that I offer for any of our club members that wish to save a few $$ and do tire changes without the scheduling hassle.
I'm in Hardly Ableson land here. As far as I know no local club. My friend with a Guzzi does his own without a machine. I'm just happy I found someone to do it at a reasonable price.
FS WTB WTT ~ Bikes ~ Parts ~ Gear / Re: FS - 1995 BMW K75S w/ABS
« Last post by Heezea on Today at 10:09:54 AM »
Wondering if this is still up for sale?
Project Custom Motobricks / Re: The Stellar Turbo K100
« Last post by Arktasian on Today at 10:04:17 AM »
Nice to hear it running, however some of your comments are potentially a concern.

"It has some knocking"? Was that there before, is this a detonation or pinging type sound or something mechanical. Have you taken a compression test?

"The bike also smokes more than a Waffle House hostess" (pretty funny) - I see you are on the center stand, is this something that has previously existed on runs you made or a recent development? Does it continue if you run for a while or subside. (these engines are susceptible to oil wash down into the cylinder when left on the side stand or similar which is more of a start up thing).  If its oil related you should be able to pick up on the smell pretty easily. Otherwise, and I'd be concerned it may be something to do with fuel system, it might be raw fuel dumping into her having an effect on smoke and the "knocking" you mentioned. You have previously mentioned a plethora of symptoms and unusual behaviour.
If your turbo is oiling the intake system it will gum up the charge air cooler and plumbing and smoke during operation too.
Was there oil around that lag valve when you had that apart (did you have the valve side of the unit taken apart?)
Just some thoughts on a Monday morning.
Hey, Blitz, sounds like you have the bike running good now.  Are ya starting to like it?
Rode out to the annual Ton Up chili cookoff, Cool on the way there, downright cold on the way back.
Still worth the ride.
Probably the last ride of the season. I need to take the firing off for repairs and paint.
NM ~ Not Mine - Just Compeled To Post It Up / Re: K-1
« Last post by beemrdon on Today at 02:11:03 AM »
If it were an R90s or an R100rs it would have sold for at least $9,000. Such are the fickle wims of peeples.
Project Custom Motobricks / Re: The MechaniK
« Last post by Gabi Nicolae on Today at 12:33:24 AM »
Hi Mechanik:
I have been following your posts with much interest, not that I want to change my bike, but to see what is out there. Great CAD and fabrication techniques.

I saw all those 2D parts cut from sheet/plate. I initially thought that they were cut with a laser. Then I saw the 1/4" aluminum plate.... Are those cut with a water jet?

Just curious.
Hi, thanks for your comments. All the parts are laser cut, except the 1/4" (you have good eyes :), that ones are CNC machined.

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