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Repair Guidance / Re: OEM Fuel Injector Spray Pattern
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 11:15:00 AM »
Re focused backfiring, is it effective?
My route home leads along a gravel road traveling through a mix of hayfields, wetland and ledge. A moment of deceleration a hundred yards or so from most likely crossings seems to stimulate prompt decision-making among the local whitetails. Could be the note of a stock K75 exhaust is repellent or it might be luck. I'm sticking with the program no matter which it is. :giggles
Might be.  Anybody have a map that shows where he is located?  I'm not sure I really want to stop by.  Maybe it was his illness, but my impression of Bruno is that he is reclusive and not terribly fond of meeting people. 

Chris Harris seems to be the only person I know of who has actually had a conversation with Bruno.

I'd be willing to take a helmet up there if someone can actually contact Bruno.  I could pick up the helmet on my way up north on Thursday.  I think I will be near Burlington around 9:30-10 am.
I tried to use a vacuum system to bleed my front brakes, and like you never got it to work the way I thought should have been possible.

I applied vacuum to both bleed nipples, cracked them open, then waited holding my bottle of DOT4 ready to keep the reservoir topped off as a nice stream of clean fresh fluid pulled down through the lines, right.?.?

Okay, nothing..

Next I try pulling the lever halfway, hold it, then full, hold it, nothing. Then I tried pumping the lever continuously, both half and full... nothing.

So I came back here to the mother-ship of and re-read a few posts, went back out with filmcamera's 27 pump bleed technique fresh on the brain and decided to go for a more conventional bleed and just use the vacuum to suck up the mess. At first, still nothing, similar to your description. So I bled the line to the top of the forks using the banjo bolt like a bleed nipple, then bled it to the bottom of the fork tube where it splits to the two front calipers. **IMPORTANT** Up to this point, the lever never made any "pressure", just a methodical routine of pulling the lever with the pipe open, close pipe, release lever. Rinse & Repeat.

After getting fluid to the split, the lever started to make pressure again and bleeding the calipers went pretty straight forward after that point. Pump lever, crack one bleed nipple, close nipple before lever bottoms out. Rinse & Repeat till no bubbles then move to the other caliper.

I left my vacuum rig connected to the bleed nipples with clear tubing so it would suck up all the fluid and give me a clear view of any bubbles exiting the caliper.

I think the machine you see in the service manual works more with pressure from the M/C down to the calipers. It seems to me that the vacuum leaks around the seals in caliper or even the threads of the loosened nipple before overcoming the restrictions in the M/C piston and seals. Or my rig is an insufficient vacuum level to achieve fluid pull through. I was running 28-29 inHg though so... :dunno2:
FS WTB WTT ~ Bikes ~ Parts ~ Gear / Re: Attn Canadian Brickers!
« Last post by bocutter Ed on Today at 10:19:19 AM »
Aren't you going to be passing thhrough Bruno's neck-o-the-woods?
Are you using the original rubber brake lines?  They have been known to have the lining collapse and mess up the operation of the brakes. 
Repair Guidance / Re: OEM Fuel Injector Spray Pattern
« Last post by The Mighty Gryphon on Today at 09:51:55 AM »
Thursday I rode in beautiful fair weather to the Button Box in Sunderland, Massachusetts and sampled a selection of Irish button accordions and concertinas for an hour.

I used focused backfiring on the trip home to keep the deer and woodchucks out of the road. :giggles

I just learned that another member here is a concertina aficionado when I smuggled an old Italian one into the Great White North for Bocutter Ed.

Re focused backfiring, is it effective?  Anything I can do to deter the damn bambi's getting close to the raods I travel at night would be welcome even if it will be waking the neighbors.
Project Classic Motobricks / Re: 1985 K100 RS: practical rejuvenation
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 09:48:31 AM »
And about 20 hours and $300 later.....
Is your fuel cap still mounted backwards. The can migh to water infiltrating the tank unless some accommodation was made for drainage.
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: Fuel sender unit
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 09:43:47 AM »
oh I see it now, I thought at first that was a clamp type.
What does a "clamp type" clamp? Visualization here is illusive this morning.
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: Coke'd Up BMW
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 09:38:28 AM »
9/21....I've done around 400 hard driven miles on the K1200RS and still no problems with the clutch.....
Driving 10 miles on Rt41 in St. Pete is hard driving. :yes
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: Engine turnover
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 09:34:54 AM »
Also, interesting to me, when I pulled HES plate off and left it hanging, I hit the start button and yep... engine cranks without interruption.  As soon as I put the HES back in, it returns to on-off on-off starter engagement.   
Seems to me that if one of the sensors was bad, it wouldn't matter if it was installed or hanging there the problem wouldn't change.   
Things aren't always what they seem, especially when understanding about how they work is limited. :giggles
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