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Megasquirt on a K75. (DIY fuel injection system)

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I've been wondering about upgrading my K75 to a more efficient closed loop EFI system, most likely mega/micro squirt.

It would be partially as an interesting engineering hobby/fidgeting project. But it may be somewhat practical as well. Should allow for a decent bump in mileage, especially at higher speed, where the LE-Jetronic loses accuracy, and as far as I know, utilizes an open loop enrichment trigger, as well as running rich from the start. Would also add in a wideband O2 sensor, which would greatly simplify tuning. 

Also would allow for cheap and less restrictive MAF sensors, or quicker responding MAP sensors.

I've seen megasquirt used on a turbo'd K75.

Not really looking to create a superbike. K75 wound out is plenty fast for me.

I may have found a source for a cheap, second hand megasquirt from a friend of mine on the UC Berkeley Super Mileage Vehicle Team.

Should greatly reduce the budget needed for this.

This for the K100 which is slightly different but should help some:

In terms of what I would be doing, the two bikes are actually identical. I will be doing batch injection, so all it needs is the RPM signal from the tach and the temperature sensors.

I would just remove the MAF sensor, and put a intake air temp sensor in the plenum. After syncing the TB's by closing the Idle Bypass screws and adjusting the TB's, I would use a vacuum line from the middle cylinder for the MAP sensor. 

You can pull an RPM signal off of the coils directly.  That's what I use for the cruise control.  I use the outboard wire on the connector.


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