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Buzzing when turn signal.


Good day brick friends,

I have a 92 k75 rt. Iím in the middle of changing my after market HID front signals to bar end led indicators.
Before I removed the HID after market the signals were working fine. Now with my leds, the lights turn on but it buzzes and doesnít blink. I was under the understanding maybe there is a faulty connection somewhere. But when I connect my HID signals it works fine. Any suggestions why this is happening. The wiring of the LED are super thin. Could this be the issue.

Please let me know your thoughts and give me pointers on best way to connect 🙏🏻


Ok ok seems like an easy fix.

Although when I had the HIDs on , I already had LED rears and it worked fine too.

You still think this is the issue?

This worked, my blinkers work fine and are even blinking again normal rate.
Thank you for the help. It was so easy to do.

I even found a video the helped me get into the relay . Here it is

Thanks again


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