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1985 K100RS EML Project

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K100RS EML project. Powder coated frame and misc. parts. New bearings and rubber. Waiting on paint. Ford Ruby Red.

BMW EML.jpg (98.11 kB . 768x576 - viewed 467 times)

Getting closer. Run around the block.
Red EML 21.jpg (86.42 kB . 768x576 - viewed 440 times)

 Big Tank for range!!
Red EML 22.jpg (109.37 kB . 768x576 - viewed 438 times)

That IS a big hump. What 2-3 more gallons?

What determines which side the rig goes on? Side of road driven on?

The side is determined by national standard (bike aligning with center line). Australia and England are two countries that are opposite to us in the USA. Australia has lots of requirements and regional regulation (costly) differences when registering sidecars.  The tank should be 7.5 to 8 gallons.


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