1 - Please start your topic title with one of the following: FS (For Sale), WTB (Want To Buy) or WTT (Want To Trade.)


"FS: Corbin Gunfigher w/ blue piping"

"WTB: Front 3-spoke wheel for K75/K100"

"WTT: Complete low seat setup for complete regular seat setup"

"NM: If it is not your stuff. Post it in the NM Board"

2 - Include an honest concise description of what you're selling.  If applicable, mention the approximate number of miles(kms) on the item(s) for sale.

3 - If trading or selling, include pictures of the item(s) either in your post or attached to your post.  Sometimes this isn't necessary due to the nature of an item but when selling it is usually helpful.  If you're not good with posting pictures on Internet forums then offer "pics on request" and be willing to email them to prospective buyers/traders.

4 - Specify a price.  Not mandatory (especially on WTBs/WTTs) but can be helpful if your'e selling.  OBO or best offer listings are fine but do not attempt to "auction" items here.  This isn't Fleabay.

5 - Specify shipping details.  Specify whether shipping is included in your price or not and, if it's not in your user profile, your city/state/country.  Also specify where you're willing to ship: Anywhere, US only, EU only, etc...  If it's something large or heavy like a transmission or seat that you don't want to hassle with shipping then mention that the item is for sale or wanted for local buy/pick-up only.

6 - Specify accepted/preferred payment methods. PayPal, Money Order, etc...

7 - Specify preferred method of contact. PM, email, phone, etc...

8 - Don't "bump" your item more than weekly.  If your item isn't selling or you're not finding what your'e looking for then posting to the topic again will "bump" it to the top of The Yard Sale which can be helpful.  Please do not do this more than weekly.

Disclaimer:  As this is just the buy/sell/trade section of a free Internet motorcycle forum, assumes no liability for anything that goes on here.  The deal is between the two individual parties and does not intermediate such transactions in any way.  If you have issues with a deal here then work it out between yourselves.


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