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BMW dealer broke fairing... With pictures now!

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My K1100LT went in for some repairs paid by the insurance company. When I got it back I couldn't believe my eyes.

They didn't know how to remove side fairing, so they just pulled it right off... Broke the supports on the left side, near the injectors. Truly unbelievable!  :nono
Wrote them an email and I'm still waiting for their answer. :dunno2:

I'll keep you guys posted...

I'm speechless!!!  Gobsmacked!!!  Haven't these jokers heard of maintenance manuals or even Google.  I hope they man up and own their error, compensate you with a replacement part.

A BMW dealer didn't know how to remove a BMW part from a BMW...congratulations, you're F-ing stupid (the dealer tech that is)

When I got sideswiped a couple of years ago, I got my bike repaired by the local bike shop. The specialise in Hardleys and BM's and have a couple of award winning master techs. When I got it back I had to go over the bike and swap over fasteners place in the incorrect holes. A couple had to be tapped out due to cross threading. When I mentioned it to one of the owners he just shrugged. The same place installed a right angle tyre valve made apparently for scooters. It split at highway speed causing rapid deflation. I took it back to them for new valve and to remove the tyre sealant that I had to use to get it home. He took one look at it and stated I should never have fitted them they are a scooter valve. I just said I didn't fit them you did, he had no answer. I didn't even get a discount I have not been back.
Regards Martin.

The Mighty Gryphon:
I meet BMW riders who are amazed I do my own work.  I have never trusted anyone else to work on my bikes, or cars.  One of my first jobs was working in a neighborhood garage that was owned by a crook.  Later I found out he wasn't all that unusual. 

Dealers are the worst.  I only let a dealer do warranty work where they can only screw the manufacturer.  Even then I worry about what kind of time bombs they are leaving. 


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