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The Motobrick Workshop / Re: Elecktricky stuff
« Last post by JPaganel on Today at 04:55:11 PM »
That's some nice clean work for such short fiddly wires,  "dohn 'cha know".

Being able to cleanly disassemble and reassemble the connector makes a lot of  difference.  That tool is worth it's weight in gold.
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: Small fairing headlight mount
« Last post by JPaganel on Today at 04:53:51 PM »
I made it work with a combination of a M6x35 flange bolt, 6mm fender washer, a 1/4 inch bushing and a regular washer to go over the bushing.
Project Custom Motobricks / Re: K100 GSXR conversion questions
« Last post by NickHeijman on Today at 03:23:37 PM »
My plan was to follow this topic, because i'm planning to do a USD swap over winter or beginning of next year. The GIXXER 750 front had my attention, however it looks like every one here is giving Max a roast.

@Max, I looking over the internet and it seems that the ZX7R front end will fit with the original ZX7R Triple and triple top. The length of the stem is about the same. So you will be on the safe side in that case. Furthermore google around, several guys have done the R1 fork and a GIXXER750 front swap and left some nice details and information.

Hope you will figure it out before I do so I can take your notes as well :)

Cheers and best luck,

I'm working through a no-start situation. Cranks-but-no-start, similar to the multitude of other posts here.  I went through the procedures outlined in the no-start wackness list.  Other than the side stand switch.  I don't think my 1987 K75s has one.  But did the deoxit, rebuilt the ignition switch, knocked it backward in 3rd gear, etc.  I will still probably pull the starter and clean it just to close the book, regardless.

Anyway, I've pulled the tank and then the fuel pump.  Applied 12v to the pump and it ran fine.  Squirted the remaining fuel right out.  I did a continuity test at the fuel pump power leads.  I get continuity between the black negative lead and the brown wire pin on the 4 pin connector.  I'm not getting any continuity at the fuel pump's positive lead (brown, why is this brown?) and any of the remaining three pins from the four pin connector.  But I'm not sure whether I should be or not.  Sort of feels like I should.  Any pointers on this would be great. 

To some extent I hope it's the four-pin connector.  I'm taking advantage of the situation to replace the battery and fuel filter.  If the pump is working, I'm happy to not replace that.

Thanks much,
Eville Rich
'87 K75s
'15 WR250R
'16 Super Tenere

Photographic Ride Reports / Re: CheezConsin MotoBricking
« Last post by johnny on Today at 01:26:50 PM »
 [ Invalid Attachment ]
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: Stalls when warm on a run - won't idle
« Last post by bluebossa on Today at 10:02:29 AM »
Test rode it this morning and definitely improving but still not 100% - stalled a couple of times, though a lot less...

I took the plugs out and while 1 and 2 are nice and brown, 3 looked wet/fuelly - pics of 2 and 3 attached.
Cleaned, re-gapped and swopped out Plug 3 for a known good one.. any ideas

Couple of Videos uploading to YouTube of running and stalling for any pointers - thanks in advance...
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: Cranking but won't start
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 08:20:58 AM »
Visit it to re-clean and reconnect the four-pin fuel pump plug under the tank and the L-Jetronic plug under the seat then take a look around it to be sure the battery terminal connections are good, the battery ground connection on the transmission is clean and tight and nothing else is whack·like the z-tube from crankcase to air box. If you bring a phillips-head screwdriver and appropriately-sized wrenches, you can tighten the fuel pump connections in the tank. After that, have a calzone.
Project Custom Motobricks / Re: K100 GSXR conversion questions
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 08:05:45 AM »
I thought that the wheel rim was too shallow to take the tire to seal onto but they are exactly the same, the GSXR rim is slightly wider but still do not understand why this will be a problem as tires can stretch or get a slightly wider tire.
There is data available that a uni-educated person should have found before now even using a clapped-out Mac in need of an upgrade it can't support.

Here's a table that shows minimum to maximum rim width for sizes of tires. This isn't the only table on the Web but its color caught my eye. Gixxers have rims typically 1.5 inches or more than the maximum width for narrow tires, despite what you might think. Although these tires might have been called balloon tires when they had tubes in an earlier and simpler motorcycle age, they are not balloons.
Project Custom Motobricks / Re: K100 GSXR conversion questions
« Last post by johnny on Today at 07:32:13 AM »

i guess you learnt everything except common sense... guess common sense aints all that common...

j o
The Motobrick Workshop / Re: Cranking but won't start
« Last post by didymus on Today at 07:09:59 AM »
That's where I work.  I limped it in on Tuesday and got a ride home.  Bike's still there.
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