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Heck, they're $8 from BMW...
Photographic Ride Reports / Re: Caldera beach 2-18
« Last post by Filmcamera on Today at 04:33:40 PM »
Yep it is a K1100RS fairing.

When I say run out of steam it is not that it stops accelerating, just that it does so slower and being that Costa Rica is a small, mountainous country with rubbish roads I run out of room to keep pushing.  The main place I have been able to get up to 110 mph is a straight of only a couple of miles, I think I would need to be able to stay in the throttle for at least a couple more miles to hit the 140 mark.

I do also think that at 125,000 plus miles, most of which were with little or no maintenance, the engine is a kinda tired.
Photographic Ride Reports / Re: Caldera beach 2-18
« Last post by drut on Today at 04:25:03 PM »
        "The bike does begin to run out of steam much above 110 mph"
Strange:my 1990 RS 16v keeps on pulling past (an indicated) 140mph.As an aside,lovely bike:looks like 1100RS fairing.

can i use liquid solder and liquid electrical tape on the cluster modification and the harness wiors...

j o
I now FB is frowned on here but there is a guy selling what looks like a complete set of seat hardware..

Just in case you needs bits still

Seat Hardware
The Motobrick Workshop / Engine serial number - build year?
« Last post by Gio on Today at 01:34:58 PM »
Anyone have a link to help determine / confirm build year based on engine serial #? I tried a search (incl the Laitch method) but could not find anything ..?
WTB - K75C fairing to replace the one in the pic.   '86 K75C, all stock.   Thanks!
Project Custom Motobricks / Re: Forecar
« Last post by Garthhh on Today at 11:43:31 AM »
not enough wheels in the front...
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