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Project Classic Motobricks / Re: Phoenix Rising - '93 K75RT Fire Recovery
« Last post by Laitch on Today at 02:54:28 PM »
I'm really hoping my technique is flawed.
. . . I put it in 5th gear and re measured everything and got the same results.
The only technique flaw I notice so far is that you’re buckling the measuring blade when taking the measurement. Choke up on it to the greatest extent possible.

If the cam lobe’s nose is in the correct position, it doesn’t matter whether the bike is in gear or not. Being in gear just allows rotation of the camshaft by rotation of the rear wheel instead of by wrench leverage on the camshaft flats like Harris is doing.

This tight valve situation might explain one of the reasons why the engine in your other video sounds to me like it's weak, and why your moto had performance problems from the beginning—intake leaks not withstanding. It's why a valve clearance check is the earliest of tasks to do on any used moto purchase rather than jumping from symptom to symptom first when engine performance is weak but riding desire is strong.

I urge you to obtain the shim/bucket tools for the procedure despite others here having used alternative methods because you need any advantage you can get at this point to help you. Maybe there is somebody near you who could mail them to you on loan.  They don't take up much envelope space.
FS WTB WTT ~ Bikes ~ Parts ~ Gear / Re: 2500$ BMW k75S
« Last post by charliebrownclown on Today at 02:17:08 PM »
want to sell before the snow comes
Various options. One set of cap and ignition switch is keyed alike. Email me. Thanks, Mike
Hello there folks!

My bike got stollen last week and luckly the police found it within hours. Unfortunately the thief (whom cracked his head trying to run from the police) destroyed my ignition switch and the gs tank lid as well as the lock underneath the seat.
If any of you guys own this parts and are willing to sell it, please PM me.

Thank you!

Best regards,
FS WTB WTT ~ Bikes ~ Parts ~ Gear / Re: Various K75C parts for sale
« Last post by Krompus on Today at 11:31:32 AM »
Hey Bob, do you have the ignition switch + key? As well as the gas tank lid+key?
Please let me know. Thank you!
Project Custom Motobricks / Re: Nixie Tube Shift Counter
« Last post by Grant on Today at 10:39:54 AM »
I bench tested it and it is working fine. I bought a 170 volt power supply and an opti-isolater circuit, this will be set-up with a Marulabs BEP 3.0 to supply the signals. I need to build a case to enclose the nixie tube and mount it. I will post pictures once I start the work.

I picked up a Daytona tachometer and speedometer, along with a bunch of LED idiot lights. I am now brainstorming an instrument cluster that will accommodate all of the new gauges and lights.
Project Custom Motobricks / Re: Nixie Tube Shift Counter
« Last post by Martini on Today at 10:18:55 AM »
That's a great idea I've been investigating as well. Another one is a flip counter or a big "roller display", like the old style odometers but scaled way up.
DeCafe...that’s a candidate for a motobrick bumper sticker.  I see what the cafe builders see in Bricks, something right out of Blade Runner or something.  I’m continuously delighted by the engineering of my K....Entire power train mounted by 5 bolt and yes the 5th is high and centered on the bell housing.  Came off the frame with only a floor jack single handed. 

Cheers Chaos.
That would be a good candidate to de-cafe somebody's attempt to look kool.  Good looking loop!
So tonight was fun removing the engine and trans from my parts bike.  14 months ago I dumped this bike and the insurance company “totaled it”. Now my understanding is that if you reregistered this VIN it would come up as “salvage”

Truth be told, other than doing a hook slide in a ditch the frame is no worse for wear.  That is to say when I placed the fram on the floor supported on the engine mount points they all hit the floor together.  There are no stress fractures or crash damage to the frame

There’s some raw steel exposed under the seat mount area that could stand some primer and a fresh coat of paint.

$250 + shipping.
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