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USA Coast to Coast, part 2
« on: May 20, 2017, 07:06:03 AM »
prologue: rode from VA to CA vi I-40, met spouse, daughter and her family for a week in Los Olivos then spouse and I left for Olympic Nat'l Park in Washington state.
Jumped on the I-5 and rode that all the way up to Keslo, WA. I-5 north of Sacramento, CA up to Keslo, WA was a nice ride especially through the Mt Shasta area of northern CA. Portland, OR is another matter, all those roads feeding into a city surrounded by rivers with few bridges makes for log-jam traffic regardless of the time of day best to take loop, I-205 around city and into WA.
Got off the Intestate and made my way to WA state 101, this is a fairly nice 2-lane road the takes you around the perimeter of Olympic Nat'l Park (ONP). It was off-season and mid-week so I had the road to myself. My destination was Forks, WA which gave us access to the western part of ONP. ONP is huge! It has 3 very distinct geographic eco-systems: coastal and temperate rain forest west of the Olympic mountains and alpine meadow/hardwood forests to the east. We spent 3 full days there, allocating a day for each section, and barely scratched the surface regarding sights and things to do.
Forks, a remote and lonely outpost, is the setting for the "Twilight" novels, a series of books about teenage angst, love and vampires. Those with teenage daughters are probably familiar with this story. Forks is a convenient place to stay for access to the western side of ONP that's about all I can say regarding Forks. Stayed at the Miller Tree Inn which was a nice place. Clean, tidy and hospitable Inn-keepers.
After 2 days on the western side of ONP we rode to Sequim (pronounced sqwim), Wa which was our base for visiting the eastern side of ONP. There was still 9 feet of snow at the top of Hurricane Ridge so other than riding up the summit road and touring the visitor center we didn't see much of the eastern side. The alpine meadows were snow covered and access to most hiking trails were closed. Sequim was a lovely town and worth a visit if you're going to ONP. Plenty of lodging options, good eats and things to see and do.
ONP is definitely worth a visit though it's a destination unto itself. It isn't on the way to anywhere.
After our ONP visit I dropped the wife off at SeaTac International airport, she flew back to VA. I turned the scoot south and rode to West Hollywood for a short visit with daughter/grand-daughter before heading east back to VA.
I rode I-40 back taking short detours to ride on route 66 (the Mother Road) in AZ and NM. One of the best sections was the ride up and over Sitgreaves Pass which takes you through the tiny town of Oatman (where the burros roam free), AZ. This ride is not for the faint of heart! It's a very narrow road, made two-lanes by the application of double yellow lines, which twists and turns as it climbs and descends the pass through the Black Mtns. It is pot-holed, wash boarded and rutted, full of blind turns, rises and dips covered with gravel, stones, rocks and burro pooh. No guard-rails and everyone is crossing the center-line. Not to be missed!
Arrived back in VA unscathed except for a severe case of wind-burn. Goodness how the wind did howl for days! I was about 30 minutes ahead of the tornado that touched down in Elk City, OK. Timing is everything.
Rode 7,942 miles. Scoot ran great but the front brake switch ceased to function, right fork seal is leaking and heated grip on the throttle side suffered an excess current draw/meltdown which will all be taken care of soon.
some pics:
Wa state route 101, all mine and a nice ride.
Rialto Beach/Hole-in-the-wall pacific coast portion of ONP.
Cobble stone beach, driftwood and sea-stacks.
Hoh Rain forest at ONP.
Hurricane Ridge visitor center, ONP. Snow was still piled high.
Hollywood (weird) Blvd.
Oatman, AZ and Rt 66.
Future K-bike owner/rider! I'll give her one of mine someday.
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Re: USA Coast to Coast, part 2
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A belated "welcome home." That last picture says it all though. That last picture is what it's all about if you ask me. Sure, it's certainly the ride, the journey and the experience; however, knowing there's someone on the end (take your pic as to the coming or going), to say "safe travels," or "welcome home" is what's always grounded me and kept me centered.

Thanks for sharing a great ride and story. Now, time to start turning a few wrenches.
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