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K1 for sale
« on: May 13, 2017, 03:26:03 AM »
I seldom post here so hope this appears in the correct area.  There's a site called Bring a Trailer that has collector cars up for auction. They have a motorbike section and I saw a K1 in San Francisco.  Current bid is $2012.  The interesting part is its no reserve.  Seller has posted a lot of photos (which is common for that site-they go out of their way to make transactions as "transparent" as possible for all concerned.  There's also a running commentary with questions posted for the seller and comments on whatever is up for bid from folks that are, for the most part, very well informed though some tend get carried away while displaying the "depth" of their knowledge.  I think there 3 days left for this posting. If this doesn't go to the for sale section maybe someone could redirect it.  Thanks
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Re: K1 for sale
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Like a regular auction house, there is a buyer's premium for sales through Bring a Trailer.  If you win the auction BaT charge 5% of the final bid price, with a minimum fee of $250 up to $5,000 (5% of a $100,000 bid). The fee for sales higher than $100,000 is capped at $5,000.
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