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First trip with the missus
« on: March 05, 2017, 01:17:23 PM »
Today I took a short 60 mile trip to Orotina in order to

1. See how the clutch etc is working after the change
2. Take my wife for her first real ride

Possibly combining the two might not have been a great idea but luckily it worked out fine.  The only issue we had really was gale force winds gusting first one way and then the other as we rode down the highway.  That left her fairly nervous but she stuck it out and started to get used to it in the end.  A 15 degree lean to go in a straight line does feel odd!

She ended up swearing she enjoyed herself.

The bike felt good, though the brakes are still very spongy, i will keep working on them.

No leaks or anything after the transmission which is good.

All in all a successful test.

This is a long way from the Spanish castles that Jonico treats us to but it is the best Orotina can manage.
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