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Biking in Dordogne, France
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:33:35 AM »

I've spent my last Few holidays in France, Never having been there on a bike it was an ambition and I gratefully accepted an invitation (from another K-bike forum) to explore the Perigord Noir from the owners of this blog, and English couple living in the area, both of whom ride. It was a life changing decision. In that it opened up a whole new experience for me together with exceptional friendships that have grown with both Olaf, my companion for the first trip and our hosts.

The roads are seriously fun, Canyons, Hills and open curves that invite you to try a little harder  :riding:, The French drivers are THE most bike aware I have ever experienced (I personally think that is due to the fact their kids grow up on scooters) and aside from August the roads are mostly quiet.

Camping is widely available and a National pass time in France. Most Hamlets have a Municipal camping site that will be clean, well facilitated and cheap by any standards. Private ones are a little more but will have WiFi and a pool in most cases.

I have returned 3 times and am already planning the next.

If that part of the world interests you then I suggest you read the blog and get in touch for any specifics you'll find a welcoming helpful word whatever you ride.

follow it on facebook too...
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Re: Biking in Dordogne, France
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2016, 10:54:30 AM »
One of my parents favorite places for camping. Spent a lot of time on holiday in this area as a kid.
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Re: Biking in Dordogne, France
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BMW  moto history lesson

Ratier motorcycle
Ratier was originally a joinery firm at the beginning of the century. By the outbreak of the first world-war, the company specialized in propeller blades for the aircraft of the French Air Force. Afterwards it produced for the French mail service Aťropostale all the way through its heyday of the 1930s when the service broke many flight-records. The factory was originally in Malakoff and then transferred to Montrouge. Much of its workload consisted of the contract work it received from CitroŽn to produce the Citroenette, a child's pedal-car. Paulin Ratier fabricated a prototype propellor-car which never made it into production.

The company produced a rally-car which went on to win many races, such as the Bol d'or race, during a time when it was raced by cars and motorcycles. The factory at Figeac produced bicycles during World War II.

After World War II, the company was renamed CEMEC. As a victory spoil, it was the recipient of many motorcycle parts from the German company BMW and the company was able to construct its own motorcycles, sharing many common features with the BMW brand. General Charles de Gaulle, outfitted his presidential escort with Ratier motorcycles. There were only 1,200 motorcycles produced after the government failed to renew its contract with the company.
Today in Figeac, the company produces aircraft parts, in particular for Airbus.


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