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Beemer Barn
« on: December 09, 2015, 07:33:26 PM »
Our K1100RS is in the Beemer Barn shop for a new clutch, new drive shaft, sprag clutch exam headlight relay,and tail light flasher. Glen Neubauer ,owner of the Beemer Barn has vast experience with bmw motorcycles. Glen's main business is twin cylinder BMW restorations. However, Glen owns three K bikes and he understands their complexity. It is only a matter of WHEN K bikes need one or more of the major fixes so; our bike upon exit from Glen's shop will have all the majors done. Another visitor to Beemer Barn Jim Sylvia a close friend and collaborator in restorations. Jim owns  located in Buffalo Ny It is my pleasure to know two men so devoted to BMWs. I'll report again when our K1100RS is out of the shop.

Beemer Barn  Glen Neubauer 716 7353458       Jim Sylvia 7168915377     
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