Author Topic: Running newer style K100 ignition coils on an older K100 (video)  (Read 4999 times)

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Somebody got some K100 coils from me for his 1985 K100.  BMW superceded the early K100 coils so the newer 2V K100 coils don't look exactly the same as the ones used in 1985.  I tried to explain to him that the later K100s used the same spark plugs, spark plug leads and L-Jetronic to power the same engine and that he'd probably be better off using the newer coils than the older superceded ones of an obsolete design but he was still afraid that his bike would blow up or something if he installed the newer coils.

There's a local guy who'd left his 1985 K100 in back of my house while he was doing some work on it so I figured the best way to prove the newer coils would work on an 85 was to install a set of the newer coils and shoot some video of the bike starting right up and running.

Here's the video:

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