Author Topic: I suck at herding electrons  (Read 2638 times)

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I suck at herding electrons
« on: January 17, 2014, 09:01:36 PM »
I've been chatting with Scott Underscore about this but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

I need help to re-create this, more or less.

My intended use is to read Iron Butt bonus paperwork in the dark hands free and whatever else might come up like maps.
It needs to be as bright as a high quality LED flash light because I'll most likely also use it to work on my bike at night if stranded somewhere.



I bought these that I may or may not use because they are huge. 23 mm may not fit there but the price was good and I always have uses for LED's.
4X 10W white LED eagle eye Car Motor Daytime running DRL Tail Backup light bulb

I would LOVE to use this
12mm CREE XM-L T6-5C 10W 900LM 3000mA 6000-6500K Neutral White LED Chip Bead - White + Silver(3.0-4.2V)

Do I need a heat sink with that?



See this remote pressure switch, I like it's compact form but couldn't find any that wasn't prewired for flashlights.
If I got one, how hard would it be to modify for this project?
Mini Night Evolution Airsoft Tactical Flashlight LED 180 Lumens QD Mount

In order of preference, I would like the switch to do this ...
1. on - high - medium - low - off
2. on - high - low - off
3. on - off

I bought 10 of these from China already, just because they looked cool and might work.
Mini In-Line LED Strip Light Dimmer Controller with On/Off Switch

I don't like the Dynamic mode on this and will have neuter it or cover it.

Variations of the switch type can include pressure / tactile / trigger / bite as long as it's attached to the helmet and is waterproof.



I want to power it with cr123a batteries. (NON-rechargeable)

It would be sweet if I can slip them under the rear padding of the helmet. If not, they'll have to be mounted on the shell.
If mounting on the shell, I need something VERY much like this.
Waterproof with a thumb screw easy to open and close cover.

(Look at the battery pack)


I need your thoughts on how to wire the LED's, a switch and some 123 batteries together so that it ALL inside the helmet or at worst the batteries are mounting on the shell.

I need to understand how much heat is created and how to manage it. I figured it would most liked need to be housed in a plastic sleeve within the closed cell foam of the helmet core and to direct the light away from my peripheral vision.

Also, I need a working model by March first.
Yeah, no pressure at all.

Ride with joy,

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Re: I suck at herding electrons
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2014, 09:04:41 AM »
All fixed.

(If that wasn't proof enough I suck at herding electrons, I don't know what would.)