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Review: Alpinestars Tech Touring Boot
« on: May 29, 2011, 06:49:08 PM »
I scored these on Fleabay a couple of months ago. I actually got the KTM-branded version.  Some guy's girlfriend bought them for him not knowing that what he really wanted was dual sport boots so they were brand new, never used in the OEM box.  I bought a half size larger than normal (Euro 45 actually) so they wouldn't be too tight with my heated insoles installed.  They fit quite well.

The guy listed them for $75 and there was only one other bidder who bid $75 so I won them for $76 + $15 shipping so I got them for $91 shipped.  Not a bad deal for brand new boots that retail for $370, eh? ;D

Review:  Good, solid comfortable riding boot.  I did about 300 miles of rain-soaked slab in them on the K1 a couple of weeks ago and their waterproofiness is good.  Easy to walk around in. Easy on and easy off although there's three big velcro falps to deal with.  Good shifter patch so my foot doesn't get as sore there on long days like in some of my other boots. Two thumbs up. I plan to use them until they wear out.  

Product details here.
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