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Re: Save me... K1100 RS $500.
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I have an accumulated 50,000 miles on Monolever and about 20,000 on the Paralever.  I'm not sure if it's the extra pounds on the 16v bikes or the shocks(Twin Clicker on one 16VRS and YSS on the other while the Monolever bikes had Works Performance), but at high speed, the Paralever seems to give a slightly more controlled, almost plush feeling ride.

I have no idea of this jacking thing, although I've seen dyno videos where you can see it.  In my mind, the force that is generated by jacking on acceleration merely goes to counteracting the squat caused by weight transfer on hard acceleration.   Having said that, none of the 5 bricks I've owned had any noticeable squat or jacking.

Splines seem to not wear as much with the Paralever which allows a longer service interval.   That is a very good thing because the Paralever is a bigger pain in the ass for spline lube.  On the other hand, it seems the u-joints are the weak point in the Paralever .
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