Author Topic: FS 1992 K75 driveshaft + differential (final drive) (fits K100RS, higher revs)  (Read 495 times)

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i stripped the splines out of my 1985 K100RS driveshaft a few weeks ago, and pulled the driveshaft and final drive off a 1992 K75 hangar queen to get myself back on the road. afterward i replaced the driveshaft and went back to the K100RS final drive, because the K75 final drive ratio was a bit too low -- my RPM's were about 10% higher at highway speed. this meant great low-end torque but more engine noise on straight roads. if not for all the straight roads in between the twisties, i'd've kept this K75 drive. however, i want the K100RS to remain stock.

note that the final drive and driveshaft are a matched set; the number of splines on the interface is different for the K75 vs. K100RS vs. K100LT. i'm selling a matched known-good final drive and driveshaft from a 1992 K75, which i just road-tested to las vegas and back in my K100RS.

$250 + shipping. i'll make a note here if it's sold.
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