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How to ride home when your fuel pump fails
« on: August 04, 2019, 06:22:35 AM »
If your fuel pump fails,  you're in an isolated area and don't have a spare, simply connect a wire from the yellow/grey wire (earth to injectors) to the battery negative post, and you can ride home.

This provides constantly open injectors, which, with the help of gravity fed fuel and vacuum from the pistons, is enough, but not ideal, to ride home. It is sometimes lacking in power, which can be overcome by backing off the throttle, making me think this modification is probably a little on the rich side. It's a bit rough on idle,  possibly for the same reason. It helps to keep the revs high.

I have proved this today with a one and a half hour ride  (45 minutes each way) reaching the speed limit of 100 kmh (60 mph)  This was with a 2v brick. The pump is working so I simulated a failed pump by disconnecting the fuel pump electrical plug. If the pump suddenly started working with this temporary modification, it would stall because of the constantly open injectors, so It would be best to disconnect the fuel pump electrical plug.

This is a consequence of my previous thread, but worthy of a separate "how to" thread, I think.

As has been pointed out to me, this risks overheating the injector coils (especially on a hot day) so you would want to be pretty desperate before attempting this. The fuel temperature might be another concern.

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