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FS 1993 K75S Project - Make Offer
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:01:54 AM »
I wonder if anyone might be interested in making me an offer to buy my '93 K75S as is? I bought it with 34K miles in 2006 from the 2nd owner down the street from me here in Long Beach, CA. He purchased it at Bob Seaver BMW in Irvine in the late 90s, and did an impeccable job of maintaining it as confirmed by its appearance at the time & his maintenance records. I only rode it for 2 years until the financial crisis of 2008 at 46K miles. When I garaged it I made the mistake of not draining the gas. That lead to the ethanol blend causing the rubber fuel pump damper to turn to sludge.

Last year I started the process of pulling the tank off for cleaning and reassembly with new parts. But I found the very expensive fuel sensor was bad, and though I was able to get much of the rubber residue out of the tank, it really needed a chemical flush. Not having the facilities to do the job properly, and because of the cost of a new sensor, pump, and damper assembly, I put the project aside.

As I had them put me on their parts wait list, a few months back Beemer Boneyard notified me they had a fuel level sensor in stock, an opportunity I jumped on for $90. So to get the bike up and running again, it will need a fuel pump, fuel pump filter, pump damper (I have the old ring), immersible fuel hose, as well as  2 new tires. The fuel filter is still good, though I know it's standard practice to replace that too. I bought a new AGM battery for it last year that's never seen the road.

The previous owner gave me couple of boxes of new and used spare parts when I bought it:

* 2 pairs of rear view mirrors - round and rectangular
* 1 pair front blinker assemblies
* 1 rocker switch pad
* 1 switch pad related cover of some kind
* 1 unused smokey gray windshield
* 1 spare front headlight bulb
* 1 new right side luggage cover (has small dent)
* 1 13 54 7 694 924 Vacuum cap
* 1 11 15 1 460 480 Crankcase vent hose
* What looks to be luggage hinges & seal, bungie, light bulb & socket, misc mounting plates and clamps, and new in package cylindrical device only visibly labeled as "damper" stock numbers obscured, and a few other misc parts.

I have the lower engine fairing, and all parts and fasteners to re-mount the tank properly.

At my age, the K75S was always way too top heavy to deal with at stops and starting to roll. So it's accumulated a number scratches from merely tipping over on me at stops.  Now I'm looking for a '70s airhead at this point, one with the visual appeal of the old 1960 R60 I rode as a youth.

So I'm willing to entertain any reasonable offer on the bike as is, needing a few parts and reassembly.  I'll be glad to have a little something to put towards a new old BMW. Only available for local pickup.  PM me know if you think you'd be interested.


Bike photos as it is without any cleaning. Higher resolution images on request.

'93 K75S