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K75s Part Out
« on: June 01, 2019, 10:45:19 PM »
1988 K75S Partout. Nothing Mechanical except exhaust muffler

Front Fairing, Side Fairings, Headlight Assembly and Plastic, Taillight Assembly and Plastics, License Plate Mount, Windshield, Radiator Cowl, Lower Cowl, Aftermarket Windshield, GIVI Rack, Some Brand new and some used Blinker assemblies, Speedometer/Gauge Cluster Mount Plastic, OEM Saddle Bags HardCase Type. Random Plastics I forget what they are from.

Blinkers that are new are oem and in box.

Tank Backpack? Whats it Called?

Also have manuals.

Everything In great condition, Wrapped in Plastic for storage.

I have 43 Pictures. Not sure If I will Post all of them. I will Start with just the whole Bike and as people ask I can attach the specific parts.


You can email Direct at

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Re: K75s Part Out
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