Author Topic: FS K75 Engine bits Valve Cover, Crank cover, Timing chain cover, water pump, etc  (Read 132 times)

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What a fun evening I spent tonight with my newly minted UW Madison Engineer son Jake.  We disassembled my engine to a short block together, great fun.

Valve cover- BMW center cover of valve cover assembly not shown til tomorrow, but included.  very nice inside and out $40

Crank shaft cover (right side) emblazed BMW some tiny scratches...should be worse this is the side that slid in the ditch...good condition  $60

Water Pump-  really looked...young...this whole engine is nice  $50

timing chain cover $30

timing chains and tensioner assemblies (bacolite surfaces grooved, not serviceable, cam shafts, and chain wheels. chain new...amazed I was...  $100

Sump cover including oil filter cover and hardware. $30

throttle bodies $50

intake rubber boots, good condition, not new, but supple/serviceable.  $10 or included with throttle bodies.

Cam shafts and  chain sprockets wear visible on the cams..excellent  condition.  $100
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