Author Topic: Phoenix Rising - '93 K75RT Fire Recovery  (Read 224 times)

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Phoenix Rising - '93 K75RT Fire Recovery
« on: July 13, 2018, 08:55:51 PM »
I am beginning to rebuild my 1993 K75RT after a fire around the throttle body area.  You can see the whole story here,11273.0.html.

Here is my plan
Stage 1:  Clean up after the fire. 
Stage 2:  Replace burned Parts
Stage 3:  Replace other parts that were needed pre-fire

Stage 1 is beginning.
Any suggestions on what I need to do to clean up after the fire? 

My biggest concern is that I'm pretty sure water and fire extinguisher residue got into the engine through the fuel injector holes and possibly through the throttle bodies. The throttle bodies were covered by the air box intake chamber so may not have gotten stuff in it.

Will I have to open up the engine to clean it or will it be enough to  just change the oil? (See Pictures)

The rest of the exterior has cleaned up pretty good.  I have a small dime size (about 17 mm) white spot on the gas thank that I think I can get some touch up paint to fix.  It is located behind the fairing so it won't show.

I appreciate all the help that this great group can provide.

Step 2 not yet started, currently sourcing parts:
Here are the parts I'm need to replace:
  • Fuel Rail
    Fuel Injector Wire harness
    Top section of an air box
    air box intake chamber and boots
    plastic ignition cover
    Fuse and Relay box
    Fuse box
    left side panel (dark blue color)
    Fuel Injectors
    spark plug wires
    throttle cable
    choke cable
    fuel hoses
    vacuum hose and metal spring protector

Step 3 not yet started:
Pre Fire
  • Fork Seals
    Motobins driveshaft insert
    change fluids

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Re: Phoenix Rising - '93 K75RT Fire Recovery
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2018, 02:00:57 AM »
You can downsize the nozzle of your shop vac with a reducer kit or by taping various bits of hose together . You could then attach a piece of 3/8" nylon hose the vacuum cleaner. I would fit a piece of white "T" shirt type material between the built up bit and the standard vacuum cleaner hose. Stick the 3/8" into the spark plug hole one at a time and wiggle it about and observe what has been caught in the cloth. Once you have no debris in the cloth you can then decide if you want to pull the head.

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