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Newbie says Hola! from Cheeseland
« on: May 29, 2018, 10:22:28 PM »

Just picked up a 1987 K75S.  I've been looking for a K75S for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger.  [/size] I'll get pics posted, but it's black, non-ABS. Low seat (for now).  All of 29,780 miles on it.  Previous owner had it for two years and hardly rode it.  After reading through the forums, I'm pretty sure I have every possible problem one of these can have :musicboohoo: [/size], so I'm planning a thorough going over of it.  Hopefully I'll find my paranoia is misfounded.  I'm going to start with the basic fluid change-out on everything.  Set a baseline.  Do the spark plugs, check/lube the splines, etc. Either do the valves myself or have it done by a local shop.

It's in need of some additional TLC.  The BMU is either on the fritz OR the rear brake switch is causing the issue.  Hopefully the latter, but I'm prepared for the former.  I think I have the dreaded "high beam switch is kaput" issue, too.  Oh yes, I'm not too sure about the steering dampener.  And then I'll tackle the suspension and then the ergonomics.  Mmmhm.  Big plans.  Maybe I'll ride it some. At least the fairing and other body parts are good. Looks to have had some service in the past - at least one spline lube and something with the steering bearings (based on the condition of the nut).  [/font]

Anyway, I appreciate that this group is here.  I'm sure I'll be a leech for information to start, but will hopefully become a resource.  I also promise to search before asking.  [/font] :clap:

If anyone in the southern WI or northern IL area wants to get together and compare notes or share some wrench time, I'm game.

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Re: Newbie says Hola! from Cheeseland
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2018, 06:58:08 AM »
. . .have it done by a local shop . . . is either on the fritz . . . or causing the issue . . .  Hopefully . . ..  I think I have . . .
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Re: Newbie says Hola! from Cheeseland
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Welcome from a transplanted Cheesehead, I grew up in Monroe.

A complete fluid change and cleaning of electrical contacts is probably in order along with a spline lube.

Checking the valve lash is really pretty easy and only requires a good feeler gauge set and common hand tools. If you need to change a shim it will require some special tools and replacement shims but is likewise easy.

There is plenty of great information on this site as well as others regarding maintenance and repair.
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