Author Topic: Cracked Steam Boiler Repair ?  (Read 27 times)

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Cracked Steam Boiler Repair ?
« on: Today at 03:17:40 AM »
OL'Smokey needs to be replaced but until then any advice is appreciated.
Always something keeping me from motobricking.

Oil Fired Steam Boiler Peerless 700 series 4 section GBTU 446K stands about 5ft tall

The boiler is cracked on top of the first section nearest the front/burner mounting side.
Crack is about 6-7 inches long

Should I stop drill the crack? Have it welded? Any one have cast iron boiler welded? Did it work?

Any recommendations for experienced welder in NYC area?

Use Hercules Boiler Solder or Hercules Boiler Liquid?
Do you leave that in or flush it out after period of time?

Many threads and a boiler tech mentioned the "Oatmeal" or flax seed fix.
What the heck, have to go to the health food store for a boiler fix.
Worried about fouled up controls with this method.

Any other fix you have heard of or tried? Did it work?

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Re: Cracked Steam Boiler Repair ?
« Reply #1 on: Today at 10:47:17 AM »

30 years in heating before my existing life...

welding a cast iron boiler section like that was against code and was against insurance where i come from... so it was replace the section or replace the boiler...

in the mean time... it was sid harvey permaweld attempt which was 50/50 depending on the leak... or the customer could call the guy we knew who would come in a weld it and they would pay him directly...

some of those folks never replaced the section or boiler cause it likely would not leak anytime soon after a proper weld job... or if the permaweld took...

of course as a licensed insured legit outfit we had to follow the rules... the guy didnt...  he used a special rod made for oilfield boilers outta texas...

good luck...

j o
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